Eagle Point Strike Raises Curriculum Concerns

By Bryan Navarro

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — Students are back in school while Eagle Point educators strike and the kids are calling classes “a joke” and “daycare for 18 year olds.” Teachers are marching the picket lines, rejuvenated by the return of their students, but they’re even more fired up by what their students are reporting from inside school grounds.

Students say they spent hours getting their schedule this morning then only having one or two classes. They say there were as many as 60 students in some of those classes, lumping seniors in AP classes with freshmen and sophomores. Inside those classes they say they were doing work like they would in kindergarten: tracing their hands, drawing pictures, and playing Icebreakers.

“It’s daycare and I’m 18 years old. I do not deserve to be in daycare, “ says high school senior Marina Kabot-Sturos.

“The last 12 days of our senior year we have subs,” says another high school senior, Tia Kroeger. “We have to wear name tags on our last 12 days of senior year.”

District officials say last week, they built lesson plans with administrators and the substitute teachers. They say they feel confident in the quality of the teachers and the curriculum. They also say like any first day, there were a few bumps that they plan to iron out, including some problems on the bus routes. The district reported about 60% attendance in the morning session of classes.