Eagle Point Honors Fallen Veteran

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — More than 150 flags belonging to fallen veterans lined the streets of Eagle Point on Wednesday night. Typically, the flags come out for holidays like the 4th of July or Memorial Day, but this time they’re up to honor a local fallen veteran.

Last week, Eagle Point marine Nick Sell died during a training exercise in southern California. Remington Ortner was a close friend to Sell and drove from California to be here to remember the life of his friend.

“I received such a warm feeling of coming home knowing that the Eagle Point community has just down everything they possible can to support the Sell family and the friends and alumni that grew up with Nick,” Remington Ortner.

The “Avenue of Flags” comes to an end, and where it leads to just so happens to be a memorial outside of the Sell family’s business. Dozens of messages and prayers are written and some community members in particular strike Ortner as he looks at the banner. One man’s son who was actively involved with Sell in the Boy Scouts passed away a few years ago. His father left a message for him.

“Well this is his father and he wanted to make sure that Nick said hello to his son for him. They’re both sitting in heaven right now,” said Ortner.

Each flag lining the streets holds a story and belongs to a fallen veteran. Ortner said it is a sight that means a lot to him and all who knew Corporal Nicholas Sell.

“It’s just absolutely breathtaking to be able to be a part of this and they’re absolutely standing up proud and saluting Nick,” said Ortner.