Eagle Point Gets Input on School Safety

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — The Eagle Point Schools Weapons Committee is one step closer to making an official recommendation to the school board about how to make schools safer.

Tonight’s public forum happened at Hillside Elementary and it wrapped up after about an hour and a half of public discussion. One of the main topics of discussion and perhaps the most controversial was whether teachers in the district should have the option to arm themselves and how they would do so.

There were also financial fact sheets available to showing what the cost of each safety measure would be to install.

Some other options for school safety that were discussed at Wednesday night’s meeting were adding school resource officers or upgrading security systems. The committee says progress is being made but they want to make sure the look at every option before making final recommendations.

“I feel like we have really melted everything down and all of us have a good understanding of our opinions and our thoughts on things, and so I think this was just part of that, because we wanted to make sure that the public had the opportunity the communicate with us,” said Greg Mead who served on the weapons committee.

The school board did not take part in the discussion but were present to hear all public and committee comments.

The weapons committee is expected to meet again at the end of this month and they are hoping that within the next few months they will have an official recommendation for the school board.