Eagle Point Focuses On Speed

EAGLE POINT, Ore.– The Eagle Point Eagles finished 4-5 last year with a 3rd place finish in the 5A Midwestern Conference. The team dealt with a grueling schedule as well as injuries that forced them to play third-stringers and underclassmen earlier than originally anticipated. One of those young players was quarterback Jorge Quintero. He’ll enter 2012 as a junior with a year of varsity already under his belt.

Much like the rest of his team, Quintero is not very big. The Eagles lost a lot of size up front which may seem intimidating with some of the bigger teams they’ll have to play in their conference, but Head Coach Jacob Schauffler took the negative which was the loss of size and created a positive. Coach Schauffler is building an offense around Quintero’s mobility and the team’s overall quickness. The whole team bought into the new philosophy including the remaining big guys.
“We’re going to be fast,” Coach Schauffler said. “We’re going to be really, really fast from the slowest guy on the field to the fastest guy on the field, all 11 guys are going to be able to run.”
Jorge Quintero said, “Not many teams are ready for our speed. We had size last year, but that all went away. We have some size this year, but mainly speed.”
Jacob Schauffler said, “You know Ashland’s going to have some big offensive linemen. Churchill and Marist are going to have some big kids, but I think we’re going to be able to utilize our speed.”

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  1. dale says:

    jacob combs is unstopable he has the quickness and ability to break tackles and i think he will lead eagle point to the championship

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