Eagle Point Back to School

By Steven Sandberg

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — For the first time in almost two weeks, Eagle Point teachers are back in the classroom.

Ever since the strike officially began, students were put through a number of changes. First, schools were closed; then, they reopened with substitute teachers, larger classes and altered schedules; now, students say things are finally back to normal. All teachers and other employees came back to work Thursday morning, bringing back their things and getting back in the classroom for the first time since May 4th.

Classes were cancelled last week because of the strike, and students spent Monday and Tuesday being taught by substitutes, but the two sides came to a tentative agreement yesterday. Students outside Eagle Point High School on Thursday said it felt like they were put in the middle during the strike, but they said it was all smiles in the classroom.

The new contract between employees and the school district must be ratified by the school board as well as the union. Those votes are expected in the next few weeks. One concern as the strike ended was about the interaction between teachers and employees who crossed the picket lines. The district would not allow our cameras inside the schools, but students say there did not seem to be any problems on the surface.