E-Businesses Busy With Holiday Shipping

MEDFORD, Ore. — This is one of the busiest shipping days of the year, FedEx is expecting a record number of shipments to go out in time for the holidays.┬áLocal companies say they are also seeing a busy shipping schedule, to make sure their products arrive in time for Christmas.

Medford-based LoopRope says they had a big push of orders coming after Cyber Monday. This morning they came in to work and had another 100 online orders to fill. In addition to the e-business, the product is being ordered and sold in various stores.

“They’re obviously moving ropes because they’re putting in purchase orders every couple of weeks. So sales, for us, are tremendous as we come up to Christmas,” explained the owner of LoopRope, Jeff Dahl.

UPS is also predicting its holiday shipping to increase by 10% this year, up to more than 500 million packages. If you’re using the post office to mail packages, the last day to ship first class is December 20, the 21st is the deadline for priority mail, and the 22nd is the deadline for express mail.