E-Bikes Gaining Momentum

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ASHLAND, Ore. –  The warm weather is encouraging more people to enjoy the outdoors which is appropriate considering May is National Bike Month. A new type of technology that’s gaining momentum with bicycle enthusiasts is the Electric Assist Bike, or E-Bike.

Each E-Bike is a little different, but they all have a battery that’s powered by a plug to an outlet on the wall. On average the battery can last for up to 40 miles, depending on topography, and it re-charges in four to six hours. The owners of Piccadilly Cycles in Ashland say E-Bikes are a good option for people who want to start biking to work. They say anyone who can ride a traditional bike should be able to ride an E-Bike without breaking a sweat!

“Our goal is to remove barriers, for people to get on a bike. And so whether that’s for the specific purpose of going to work or commuting, or if it’s just to have fun, and then you find that it’s fun to ride to work,” said Piccadilly Cycles co-owner Blaine Pickett.

National polls show more than half of the U.S. population lives within five miles of their workplace.