Dutch Bros Beefs Up Kiosk Security

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Dutch Bros. is ramping up security in order to protect employees at their local stores. The coffee chain is in the process of installing security cameras at all of their kiosks.

Medford Police, which is still investigating their most recent coffee stand robbery just two months ago, is praising the additional security as a smart move for storefronts that typically see high crime rates.

The installation is being handled by SOS Alarms. The company, which is currently experiencing a 7-week backlog due to high demand, says the cameras send a message to would-be criminals who often see kiosks as an easy target.

“They do some daring things that you would typically not do, but hopefully they’ll see the camera and it’ll keep them from doing it,” said Mark Moreno, a security installer with the company.

Many stores have taken to bolting down tip jars in order to prevent people from running off with them. But officials with Medford Police say that only scratches the surface of a larger issue.

“These are employees working by themselves,” said Sergeant Brent Mak. “People are coming up – with several of them there’s been a weapon displayed, and several of them they’ve implied that they’ve had a weapon.”

Mak says cameras are a deterrent. Even if a would-be criminal tries to hide their identity, you can see a masked person coming, and it isn’t hard to guess what they came for.

“If I’m the employee and I know I have video systems and I see somebody walking up masked up or garbed up, as they’re walking up I’m already making the phone call or closing the window,” said Mak.

Security experts say they agree. And if someone is brazen enough to act, the footage is usually enough to identify them.

“The cameras we use are high resolution, so we’ll be able to pick up their face. And it’ll pick up the license plate number of whoever did it too,” said Moreno. “It’s designed to pick up everything.”