Duckworth’s Plead Guilty in Pot Case

rsc hot noteMEDFORD, Ore. — Laura and Leland Duckworth pleaded guilty in court today to much less serious charges than they had originally been facing. Both were arrested in May of 2013 when Police raided their medical marijuana dispensary.

Laura Duckworth was arrested and charged for Selling Marijuana for Profit, Possession of Substantial amounts of marijuana, and three counts of Money Laundering and Racketeering. Her husband, Leland, was also arrested for similar charges.

This morning, those previous charges were all thrown out by the judge and the Duckworth’s were charged with a much less serious offense. They each pleaded guilty to Unlawful Delivery of an Ounce of Marijuana and were each sentenced to 11 months probation.

The Duckworth’s are also still allowed to keep their medical marijuana cards and use medical marijuana, however, they are not allowed to sell or help other individuals obtain marijuana.

Tune in to NewsWatch 12 tonight to find out how they were let off the original charges.