Ducks Fans Scrambling to Tune in to Game

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For Oregon Ducks fans in southern Oregon, tuning in to the game may be difficult.
Ducks fan Michael Warren traveled to Ashland from Medford just to watch Saturday’s game.
“It’s frustrating because it’s about money and the people trying to watch the Ducks and be fans are left out in the cold” said Warren
Recent contract disputes between cable and satellite providers and the newly formed PAC 12 Network have left fans like Warren unable to tune in and cheer on the team.
Charter and DirecTV have yet to come to an agreement with the network. Dish Network came to an agreement on the eve of Saturday’s Ducks game against Fresno State.
The Ashland Fiber Network is the only other provider in the area to carry the PAC 12 Network, which means the Redzone Sports Bar and Grill could be busier than usual.
“Honestly for the last three days we’ve been averaging one to three calls every hour calling to see if we have it and those people are from Medford, Eagle Point” said restaurant co-owner Austin Loreman.
Loreman says the more phone calls that came in, the more preparations he made.
“I staffed up. I’m bringing on another person in the kitchen, I’m going to have three servers on the floor normally we just have two. To cater to every single person the best that we can” said Loreman
Loreman says it may be good for business, but he is a Ducks fan first and hopes soon everyone will be able to tune in.
“I’m a business owner but I’m also a fan and i would love all the fans to be able to turn on their TVs and say ‘there’s my Ducks!'” said Loreman.