Dry Weather Continues in Southern Oregon

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MEDFORD, Ore. —┬áIt has been months since the Rogue Valley has seen any significant rainfall. Farmers in Southern Oregon have had to rely on other ways to water their crops.

“It has indeed been a dry season, but we really haven’t had an adverse impact on the crop because we get irrigation water through Talent Irrigation,” said Pheasant Fields Farm Owner Ric Reno.

The irrigation canals are set to shut off this month, meaning rainfall will soon be needed. Reno said water is most important in the months leading up to the harvest season, but it’s still needed for some crops. Reno said this winter will be very important to see how the reservoirs will recover.

“We’ll see how the weather works out this winter. I’m sure that the reservoirs have been tapped as a result of that and so if we get a good water year, then I think things will work out well. If not, then I think it will be a little more challenging,” said Reno.