Dry Weather Affecting Wells

wellMEDFORD, Ore. — Coming off the driest calendar year on record in Medford, 2014 hasn’t been off to a great start. Residents who depend on wells might see an impact if surface water is their prime source.

About half an inch of rain is all that has been collected at the Medford Airport so far this year, and while the precipitation is needed, well and pump services say it likely won’t have an immediate impact.

Like the army corps of engineers at lost creek lake and the Medford Water Commission, Steve Pergin at all well and pump service says it is still way too early to panic and there is plenty of time for rain to move in.

However, he says a little bit of a lack of water may mean some have to cut back a little bit on water use such as watering crops. Pergin says the wells he has seen that are shallower might not necessarily be because of the dry weather in the past year.

“There’s some wells that you know are kind of shallower and they might tend to take off a little more surface water and the static water has dropped a little bit so there’s not as much storage in the well,” said Steve Pergin, with All Well & Pump Service.

Installed a well today and says there are options if a well is running low. Deeper drilling could be done, but could also result in no water, or ruin the current water available in the well.

A well in a different location on the property could also be an option. Pregin says every well is different and the impact of the recent dry weather will vary from well to well.