Isolated T-Storms This Weekend

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Humidites are very low across the viewing area, although they are slightly higher than yesterday. Scattered showers are beginning to pop up along the Cascades, on the East Side and in Siskiyou County. These dry conditions are due to the offshore flow. Brookings again reached the upper 80’s and a heat advisory is in effect here through Saturday evening until 11am Sunday morning.

For inland areas temperatures will remain very warm again tomorrow. The day will start off sunny for most before cumulus clouds begin developing from daytime heating into the afternoon. Again, showers and thundershowers are going to develop tomorrow. These are going to be dry thunderstorms again. Dry thunderstorms drop very little precipitation, if any at all, and this can be problematic for wildfires.

Into Monday, the moisture content will continue rising. At this point and into Tuesday it looks as though more water will be present in the air and thunderstorms that do develop will be capable of dropping a lot more rain than through the weekend.

Thanks for logging on and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese