Dry and Warm to Start the Week

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As expected, the high pressure ridge has pushed its way in and with it comes the dry and warmer weather. This morning was the last of the shower activity. Spotty showers continued in the area until around 2 p.m. Clouds are disappearing from the area and will be replaced by sunshine as we make our way into the week. Saturday night will see a few of the last remaining clouds stick around, but they will fizzle out as Monday morning approaches. There is still a bit of saturated air left in the Rogue Valley and as the temperatures get down to the dew point, patchy fog will develop Monday and Tuesday morning. As the sun comes out during the day, the temperatures will get warm and this fog will dissipate into the late morning hours. This fog should only be exclusive to the Rogue Valley, but it would not surprise me if other valleys see similar conditions.

Temperatures Sunday afternoon were already 10-15 degrees above average and Monday will see even higher temperatures. The lack of cloud coverage will make it seem almost Summer-like. A weak disturbance will move into the area on Wednesday. Like normal, clouds and precipitation are coming with it. However, the difference this time around is that the high pressure ridge that will be parked over the are will be strong enough to break up this storm before it hits the coast. The models are really impressive in showing the rain line move in and then break up right before the coast. Therefore, we only expect clouds to move in with this system. Thursday will be a return to sunny skies as the ridge builds back in. Temperatures will be on a gradual rise into the weekend.

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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  1. carl says:

    All last week…..the temps were going to 80. Now….this morning,….(Monday) it shows 79.
    As well. As well. As well. As well. As well. As well. As well. As well. As well. As well.

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