Dry and Sunny Into Next Week

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We started off today with clouds in some areas. Low lying stratus was experienced at the coast and in the valleys. Over time, the clouds moved into the Basin as well. When the sun came out, the temperatures warmed up and the clouds dissipated. Other areas saw the stars this morning under clear skies. Temperatures in these locations were a few degrees cooler this morning than yesterday. Because of the clouds, temperatures in the valley started off a bit warmer. Once the clouds disappear, all areas will begin warming up and temperatures will be a few degrees warmer this afternoon. This high pressure ridge will park over our area for the rest of the week and through the weekend.

The ridge will start to break down at the beginning of next week and clouds will start to move in ahead of the next storm system. Clouds will thicken on Tuesday and the first weak cold front will bring some disturbances to the area late that evening. All areas (except Northern California) will start to see isolated precipitation late Tuesday night into Wednesday. Stronger amounts are expected in the Cascades on Wednesday. Northern California should start to see precipitation on Thursday. The next meaningful amount of precipitation should come in by thrusday morningĀ for all areas.

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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