Drug Trafficking Arrest in Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — This past Wednesday members from the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement team (MADGE) were able to file a search warrant for a Medford man suspected of drug trafficking.

After suspicions of illegally obtaining steroids, officials went to the man’s residence in Medford seeking evidence where they then found approximately 18,000 doses of a liquid anabolic steroid, 250 doses of suspected Viagra, and 1.8 pounds of a white powder substance believed to be Viagra and Cialis. Investigators also found packaging materials, scales, drug records, and $15,707 in U.S. currency which is alleged proceeds of drug trafficking.

The suspect, 39-year old Rafael Rene Fernandez, was believed to be taking the powder form of Viagra and/or Cialis and packaging it in capsules before selling it under the name of “Superior Labs.” In addition, investigators believe he was using other liquids including sterile water to prepare mixtures of liquid steroids for the end users.

MADGE officials think the suspect was ordering the drugs from sources outside the United States and receiving the products in the mail. Fernandez would then re-package the items and ship it to smaller scale drug traffickers within the United States. The investigation continues.

Fernandez was arrested and taken to the Jackson County Jail on 7 charges including unlawful delivery of a controlled substance (for steroids, Viagra, and Cialis), unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance (for steroids, Viagra, and Cialis), and also unlawful possession of a controlled substance (steroids).

His bail is set to $18,000.