Drug Deal Leads to Hit and Run

HitandRunMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police arrested two suspects today in connection to Monday nights hit and run incident at the North Fred Meyer. Police used surveillance video and witnesses comments to get a description of the suspect vehicle and were eventually led to it via a tip from someone who said they saw the vehicle parked at a residence on the 1900 block of Orchard Home Drive. The two 19 year old suspects, Andrew Daniel Arzner and Jerica Whittney Stinson, are lodged in the Jackson County Jail.

Upon further investigation, the Police discovered the hit and run was result of a drug deal gone bad. The victim, Brittney Debler, 20 years old, agreed to meet with Arzner and Stinson to make an illegal drug deal. Debler and Stinson made the deal through the passenger window of Arzner’s 1987 Toyota 4runner. As the deal was being conducted, Stinson took Debler’s money and Arzner tried to flee, but Debler clung to the door. Arzner began driving erratically in an attempt to shake Debler off the vehicle and in turn caused her to fall from the vehicle and get run over by the rear wheel. Police say the suspects then took off.

Arzner is charged with Robbery, Assault and Hit and Run. His bail is set at $3,010,000. Stinson is being charged with Robbery and her bail is set at $2,000,000. The victim, Debler, remains in critical condition.


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  1. Zack says:

    So sad. The drug culture of southern Oregon is so far out of hand. So much crime is directly related to drugs. It’s like an epidemic. It’s why I moved away from the valley.

  2. mike moore says:

    wonder how quickly their bail will be reduced to an O.R. release from the revolving door of the JSCO jail…or all they got to do is tell on 3 and get out free…..

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