Drought Task Force Meets

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MONTAGUE, Calif. — The City of Montague is being hit hard by the drought. City officials say this is the worst drought in recent history.

The reservoir that holds the city’s water supply is currently sitting at 5,000 feet, where normally it would be sitting at around 30,000 feet for this time of year. At this rate, there is only enough drinking water left in the city for two more months.

Montague has implemented strict water conservation rules, residents could even be charged a fine if they do not obey. On Friday, city and state government officials met at the Montague town hall, where an agreement was signed by the state to fund a water conservation project.

“Hopefully with the signing of that contract we would be starting the construction phase and the ordering phase of materials as early as next week,” said Ron Quigley, Deputy Director the Emergency Services in Siskiyou County.

That project would reroute water from other area rivers into the reservoir. Just in case, the city also has contingency plans in place. One of those being to truck water to Montague from Yreka.