Drought Sparks Water Sale Scam

water treatmentASHLAND, Ore. — The City of Ashland is warning residents of a water sale scam going around. According to the city’s press release, a company is trying to sell bottled water to local households claiming Ashland’s water is unsuitable for drinking.

The city advises that this is not true. The city said, “Ashland’s water quality is as safe to drink now as it was before drought conditions.”

The company is telling citizens that the city water is coming from Emigrant Lake and cannot be treated properly at the Water Treatment Plant. The press release from the city advises that this is a scam and citizens should contact the city if they’ve experienced this.

People can call the City of Ashland, Public Works Department hotline at 541-552-2431.

Tune in tonight on NewsWatch 12 at 6:30 to find out where the city is currently getting the water you drink and how they treat it to make sure it is suitable for consumption.