Drought Causes Lime Prices to Rise

LIMESMEDFORD, Ore. — Droughts in the United States and Mexico are squeezing lime prices sky-high.

Restaurants across the Rogue Valley are being impacted by the recent lime price increase. Elements in downtown Medford said it has seen the price of a shipment of limes triple just in the past month. The owner said he still plans on buying and serving limes, and foods containing lime, but the price of those items will increase.  A new menu is also in the works.

“We will do a new drink list that has fewer lime-eccentric drinks and then if there is a drink that you used to get here that you still enjoy that has a bunch of lime in it… we will still make it for you, but it will be more expensive,” said Chris Dennett, Elements Restaurant owner.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average price of a lime in the United States on March 28 was 37 cents.  On April 4, the price had climbed to 56 cents.

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  1. Charles Logan says:

    It’s not drought per se that’s causing this ridiculous pricing. A severe fungus infestation has hit lime trees in Mexico, along with farmers not planting as many trees because they aren’t being paid enough. Most importantly, the drug wars are preventing farmers from growing limes for many reasons, one being pricing and another being some farmers have chosen to join local citizen militias to combat the drug cabals. The Mexican government can’t/won’t do enough to counteract the terrorism of the drug cabals, so the citizens have to take action to protect themselves and their farms.

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