Drivers Going Too Fast Near Interchange

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PHOENIX, Ore. – Several months after work began on the Fern Valley Interchange project, many drivers are choosing to ignore the reduced speed limit, according to Oregon State Police.

The speed limit is posted at 50 miles per hour through the 2-mile stretch of Interstate 5 at Phoenix, in order to protect construction crews working in the area. Oregon State Police and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office patrol the stretch, and have handed out tickets to speeders and tailgaters.

“Construction workers are killed and seriously injured every year by high speed-type incidents out on the freeways,” said Bill Matson, Oregon State Police Senior Trooper. “We don’t want that to happen.”

The speed limit is in place at all times every day, even when workers are not present. Matson believes many drivers are either still adjusting to the new speed limit, or are not giving themselves enough time to drive through the work zone.

All four lanes of Interstate 5 are open as crews work on freeway On-and-Off ramps.


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  1. anonymous says:

    I drive through there twice a day and I have yet to see a police officer anywhere, much less stopping the speeders flying by

  2. Citizen A says:

    Thanks for writing a report on this issue. I happened to travel through this area just yesterday and slowed to the 50 mph work zone speed. All the rest of the traffic kept at 70 mph and I felt like a sitting duck through the entire stretch. Even semitrucks were getting to close to the rear of the car before jumping into the fast lane. The southbound lanes seemed to have more issues than the northbound lanes on my return trip. I first passed through that area about 10:30 am. SLOW DOWN for everyone’s safety.

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