Driver of Suspicious Van in Court

By Sharon Ko

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Jackson County Judge is keeping a suspicious driver behind bars, the man deputies say was driving up to young girls in Jackson County.

41-year-old Doug Remstedt is not facing any charges for trying to contact those young girls, but he is being held for a list of other charges. He appeared in court for possession of a weapon, drugs, and eluding police.

In court on Tuesday, Doug Remstedt plead not guilty to his recent charges of eluding police and possession of a concealed weapon, but it was his attempts at contacting middle-school aged girls in his van that led police to make the arrest.

Police believe he is responsible for contacting minors in three separate incidents in White City and Phoenix. When they contacted him, he tried escaping through a window. Deputies later found his van, matching the description of those filing complaints, with a tarp over it in Central Point.

In court, Remstedt told the judge he sells certificate books and was not in town at the time of the accusations. Remstedt was already indicted by a grand jury for possession of drugs and a weapon. The judge set a $30,000 bail for that case; Remstedt is expected to return to court in June.