Driver Falls Down Embankment

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — A driver is sent to the hospital after he drives off the road falling down an embankment. The crash happened this afternoon along Highway 140 and Obenchain Road.

Several emergency responders arrived to find the man still stuck inside. Fire crews say the driver doesn’t remember driving off the road, but somehow he lost consciousness and veered off; that’s when crews say he slammed into the guard rail down an embankment. They say the rail slowed down the impact.

Oregon State Police troopers and Lake Creek Fire Crew members responded. Witnesses say a fire truck was first to arrive on scene but say the crew members couldn’t do much to get the man out.

“Couldn’t do anything because he didn’t have any medical equipment. So they waited for the ambulance to get here and during that time the driver was sitting in the truck but hen the ambulance got here, they helped him out,” described witness Roy Chapman.

Witnesses helped stop traffic as crews worked to get the man out. Fire crews say the man reported having chest neck and back pain. The drive is described as a white man in his 70’s. He also had a dog with him and a trooper took the driver’s dog with him. This is the second time a crash like this has happened in that area. Witnesses say, several years ago, a van crashed in that same spot and one man died.