Drier & Cooler Pattern

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Today we’ll see the tail end of the last strong storm system that hit our region yesterday with scattered showers and gradual drying through the day. By the afternoon we’ll see a mix of sun and clouds with mild temperatures. But kiss the mild weather good-bye as a cold front will pass through our area to end the week which means a drop in temperatures. Where we’ll really feel the cold weather is going to be in the morning hours as overnight lows will be much colder than any other day this week.

The cold front passing through will not be as juicy as the last several strong systems we’ve seen so we’ll be dealing with just scattered showers across the region, however we will be much colder so that means snow levels will be dropping. Starting tonight snow levels will drop to 3,500 feet which means when the showers start we’ll see snow showers for elevations above that, which includes areas east of the Cascades.

While we originally kept the showers in the forecast through Saturday, it now appears that high pressure is going to move in quicker than original thought. This means that we’ll be drier quicker, we won’t be as cold as long, and the fog will return earlier and last longer.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry