Dozens of Residents Without Hot Water

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ASHLAND, Ore. — The cold weather kept dozens of people from taking a hot shower Thursday.

One plumbing company answered at least 20 calls for frozen pipe emergencies on Thursday. One of the calls led to an entire apartment complex with multiple frozen units, leaving dozens without hot water. A two-man crew tackled that location in Ashland.

“We’re just going to remove all the insulation that’s on it and take a heat gun and heat up all the pipes that are frozen and then just try to get water running through the water heaters,” said Eric Daniel, with Accurate Plumbing Solutions.

One theory to keep pipes from freezing is to run a drip out of a faucet or an outdoor spigot overnight, so the moving water will be less likely to freeze.

If you do run into a problem, it’s best to get it thawed professionally, because if the water warms up on its own it could expand and burst. The outdoor units should be insulated as much as possible to protect from the cold.