Dozens of Downed Trees in Josephine Co.

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MERLIN, Ore. — The recent heavy, snow and rain brought down trees and power lines Thursday evening and overnight. Officials said the peak number was Thursday night at 19,000.

Crews are working around the clock to restore power. Jackson County should have power by Saturday morning. Josephine County may not have power till Sunday. One homeowner NewsWatch 12 spoke with said she’s lucky to be alive after several trees fell around her property and it missed her and her home.

Sharon Lozano said after she fed her horses, she heard a loud noise: It was a pine tree that toppled over. Then, another tree on her property fell down across the road. These downed trees are just a few of several dozen trees falling in Josephine County.

“One of the calls we got today, a huge tree dropped right on top of their barn. And crushed it to the ground. Thank goodness the horses are safe. They didn’t get hurt,” said Southern Oregon Tree Services owner Tim Calabro.

Within city limits, crews are also working to clear out trees from the roads. Officials said, luckily, none of the trees fell down on cars or homes.

“Most of them are blocking partial roadways. I’m not aware of anything that completely blocked the roadway. But we had an individual out overnight, clearing them as they were reported,” said the city of Grants Pass public works director, Terry Haugen.

Public works officials said the heavy, wet snow is saturating the soil, causing the tree roots to loosen up. If the snow doesn’t let up, officials anticipate more downed trees over the weekend.