Dozens Lining Up For Black Friday

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The saying, “time is money” is true for some Black Friday shoppers this year.

Several shoppers are waiting outside here at Best Buy opening at midnight. Tents and chairs are set up; dozens of people have waited outside the Best Buy store for more than 2 days.

Several shoppers in line said waiting out here for days means coming prepared, bringing food, water and entertainment to pass the time. They said one popular item they’re looking forward to buying is a television. Shoppers waiting in line said saving close to $600  is worth missing Thanksgiving with family.

“My mom’s actually going to come over here and bring my Thanksgiving dinner,” said shopper Christopher Bishop. “She’s going to drive in from Eagle Point, I live in Eagle Point, so it’s really good.”

“First time in my life I’ve ever done a Black Friday camp out like this. Even though I didn’t spend the night, but it’ll probably be another 50 years before I do this again,” said another shopper, Albert Thomas.

There was also a line outside of sears since 6 p.m. Thanksgiving morning. Shoppers there are also waiting in line to buy a television.