Dozen Locked Mailboxes Pried Open at Apt

MailboxesMEDFORD, Ore. — Residents at a Medford apartment complex find more than a dozen locked mail boxes pried open.

According to Medford Police, the mailman dropping off mail noticed several doors had been open at Progress Estates apartments. Police suspect someone used a screwdriver to break the locks.

“Initially, I was worried about anything that could be in the mail like identity stuff that identity thieves could’ve been looking for. But I think mostly they were looking for checks and stuff like that,” said resident Chris Casav.

Police say tampering with mailboxes or mail is a federal offense.  Residents say there was no surveillance cameras or witnesses who may have seen someone opening them.

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  1. scook says:

    Not true. One of the residents, my son, called the police at 3:30 am to report the mailboxes being broke into. Ask the police.

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