Downtown Medford Sees More Food Trucks

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Local restaurant owners say more food trucks are popping up in downtown Medford. Despite that increase in competition, brick and mortar businesses are welcoming the arrival of the mobile units.

If you visit a large city you might notice lots of food trucks parked on the street. Local businesses believe this trend trickling down to communities like Medford.

Local businesses seem to welcome this growth, despite an increase in choices for dinner downtown. Paisan’s Pizzeria owner says it is cheaper to run a mobile meal service than to pay rent and other bills in a building, but food trucks create an atmosphere and draw a crowd to the sidewalks.

Rico’s Tacos owner, Isidro Salas, says it costs him only five hundred dollars a month to run his operation, that’s counting rent for parking at Aaron’s Furniture, the city of Medford food truck permit, and a county mobile unit health permit, but the owner says operating on wheels has its disadvantages. When it’s rainy or cold, customers prefer going inside a restaurant.

Despite the increase in choices to get dinner, both restaurant owners say they actually feed off of each other.

A food truck festival downtown on Friday night is featuring a special dish showcasing a locally grown ingredient. There’s also live music at the Commons and the Dancing People Company will perform. The event is free to the public. It all ends at 8 p.m.


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  1. Jeff correia says:

    Food trucks should have to play the same rules as the restaurants. If they do and can legally find a place to park then maybe the restaurants need to lower the prices to compete. Health department, license and food handlers card. No chance for food truck to fail, do to the fact that they can move from place to place. It makes it hard to enforce codes.

  2. chad rogers says:

    [Comment Removed]

    1. E. Martinez says:

      Your turning this into something it isn’t. There are more than just taco trucks out there. You’re singling out one group and it’s not about ethnicity at all. I find it very ironic how you dare to say “MEDFORD THE TOWN OF THE IDIOT” when you yourself seem to be lacking in the academic department.

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