Douglas Complex Continues To Burn

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GLENDALE, Ore. — The Douglas Complex fire continues to burn.  It has consumed 21,000 acres so far.  The Douglas Complex fire began Friday when lightning started 54 fires in the area bordering Douglas and Josephine counties.  Those fires combined into two big fires, making up the Dad’s Creek and Cow Creek fires.

The fire remains at two percent containment and is responsible for 90 evacuations.

“They’re dealing with a very rough terrain out there,” said Bureau of Land Management personal information officer Cheyne Rossbach.  “It’s very viable, very steep, rugged terrain.”

Fire officials say the weather is also making the fire difficult to fight.

“In this case, we’re seeing a southern wind breeze, which is a little different than we were expecting,” said Rossbach.

More than 1000 firefighters from across Oregon and Washington are battling the Douglas Complex fire.  Above everything else, safety is at the top of their list.  According to Oregon State fire marshal, Bryan Wilkes, crews set lookouts, escape routes, and safety zones while working on the fire.

The city is holding a meeting for concerned citizens Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at Glendale Elementary School.

Fire officials have also opened a joint informational center in Grants Pass for citizens to call an get information as well. You can reach the information center at (541) 471-6620.