Doors Open at VIBES Charter School

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MEDFORD, Ore. – VIBES Public Charter School celebrated its very first day of school Monday. VIBES stands for “Vitality in Becoming Educated Socially.”

On their first day of class, students settled into their desks and made decorations for their classroom.

“My first day is going well,” student Myra Sanchez commented.

“We’re doing math right now and putting our school supplies away where they are supposed to go,” student Ethan Pattersen said.

“We’ve been learning,” student Jasmine Sanchez  said. “Maybe we are going to do science a little bit later. We just finished Math and we were also doing Reading.”

Even though VIBES is a charter school, it’s still considered a public school meaning it has to follow the state’s core curriculum, but they are allowed flexibility with lesson plans and school hours. The school runs longer than most, beginning at 7:30 in the morning and ending at 5:30 at night.

“We’re really trying to move kids forward as quick as we can and part of what we recognize, is this school year represents a third of the year longer class time than what is traditionally offered in our current system and what we found is parents want that,” executive director, Tim Cole, said.

Parents like Judy Patterson say the longer school day is better for her third grade son.

“I think it will benefit him,” Patterson commented. “He has a lot of trouble in Reading and I’m hopeful this new reading program they will be doing will help further him along in Reading.”

The maximum class size at VIBES is only 25 students per class, and there are other perks according to Patterson.

“I as a parent, love that they have a science teacher who specializes in teaching Science,” Patterson explained. “I also love they have a P.E. instructor who specializes in P.E., other than the regular classroom teacher.”

Once a student is accepted into VIBES they are in. They do not have to reapply every year. The school currently teaches grades first through third and could expand in the coming years.


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  1. Tim says:

    I just seen this on the news and I have noticed one thing, How many of those kid’s are white and how many are mexican? Do the parent’s have there green card’s? Let’s help the illeagel’s get more help. We have already gave them the right to get a driver’s lic, welfare, and all kind’s of other help that I and my family as a White American’s can’t get.

    1. mrs. cortez says:

      actually….. they cant get a liscence right now!!

      1. Tim says:

        Well then why is it in the news they can$

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