Large Donation Helps Oregon Students

By Sharon Ko

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — More than a hundred students in Southern Oregon are getting a leg up when paying for college and that help is coming from a local organization that just received a large donation.

The Josephine County Educational Fund has nearly $3.5 million in its fund. A spokesman for JCEF says recently, a couple donated 274 thousand dollars making it the second largest single donation in the organization’s history. In 2011, one person donated a million dollars and another couple gave a quarter of a million dollars. For one recipient, Matt Savard, he is receiving $4,000.

“I’m happy I get to go to the college I want to go too so, that’s always nice,” says Savard.

“As a parent, thats less money that I have to pay. And that’s pretty common with parents, we’re faced with a high expenses of college so every little bit does help,” says James Savard.

Anyone who also donates to JCEF can choose how the scholarships are awarded. In one donor’s request, they required the recipient be someone attending an Oregon university.