Dogs Trained For Kids With Autism

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Autism impacts one in 88 children, that’s why one Southern Oregon non-profit is hoping to provide some help for those children.

Dogs For The Deaf, wants to make a difference for families who receive that diagnosis, by pairing a dog with a child. As part of the new program, dogs like a black lab named Jackson is one of two dogs being trained. By the end of his training, he’ll be ready to take commands from a child with autism.

It’s a skill Jackson will have to help a child develop their own skill of speech. Jackson also goes through a healthy round of what Dogs For The Deaf calls ‘handling’, complete with scratching, tugging and patting.

A child will be tethered to their dog on public outings, and it’s those public outings, along with the comfort of man’s best friend, makes all of the work here worth it.