Dog Ban off the Table

pitMEDFORD, Ore.– The idea to ban so-called dangerous dogs, is being taken off the table. The Police Advisory Committee made the decision at Tuesday night’s session. Medford Police say they will instead propose steps to handle dog owners who continue to be problematic. They say this could mean possible misdemeanors for repeat offenders. They also say the breeds in question or owners will not be tracked in a data base. Incidents will be handled as situations arise.


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  1. Wayne Dyer says:

    Fines work and repeated violations brings on tier fees . Any victim injuries, are compensated by the owner of the suspected dog. This will help stop a lot of savage attacks.

  2. Chris Nelson says:

    Thank you for finally realizing that the problem is the BAD OWNERS and NOT the BREED of dog!!! BSL MUST END WORLDWIDE!!!!!

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