Does It Work: Pocket Hose

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Summer brings all kinds of outdoor activities and chores, some easier and more pleasant than others. In this episode of “Does It Work?” Erin Maxson tests a product that claims to take the headache out of one chore, by eliminating the need to untangle and haul around a heavy garden hose.


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  1. KDRV Guest says:

    I received 2 of these as a gift last year, the first one worked great about 6 times then it started leaking out of the hose right at the end where you attach a sprayer…seems now I get sprayed more than what I am spraying. 2nd one is still in a bag unused.

    The overall diameter is smaller than my normal hose as well and I get less pressure for washing the cars and motorcycles, seems to be a bit more work than usung a regular hose. I guess if I lived in an apartment and needed to water flowers and plants on my deck this would be great of for use in an RV, but not for me and my usual household chores.

  2. ken trout says:

    While shopping at Home Depot I saw the pocket hose for $19.95, but I didn’t buy it. The next day while looking through one of the many catalogs my wife gets, I saw the same 50′ hose for $8.00 and the 25′ one for $5.00. Including s/h the total was $18.00. After getting the 1st ones, I called and ordered two more. They are light weight, easy to use, but will never roll up to fit back into the package you got them in, So far I really like the convenience of them and they put out plenty of water. A good gardener would always put hoses away for the winter and would not run them over with a tractor.
    If you would like to contact me, it would be better by phone as I’m not sure if my e-mail works on this new computer. 541 821-2650 Thanks and have a nice day. Ken Trout in Talent.

  3. Dave K says:

    We bought a pocket hose last summer and used it for a few weeks before the hose started to separate from the plastic nozzle end. Was pretty much useless after that. I did like because of the compact size, but because it didn’t last i won’t buy another one.

  4. Mark Lucas says:

    I have used the pocket hose ever since they came out.. The first ones wasn’t very well made but the newer models are great.. the Plastic fittings are strong and it does everything i want. It’s alot better than pulling a heavy regular hose around..

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