Does It Work: Magic Mesh

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Warm days and cool nights may have you opening the window or the doors, airing out the house.

If you don’t have screen doors, sometimes even if you do, you can run into problems. Magic Mesh is a hands-free screen door is meant to resolve most of those problems.

In the video above, NewsWatch 12’s Erin Maxson tested out the product to see if it works.

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  1. Carol says:

    I bought the Magic mesh and just put it up a few days ago..I have a wood door frame and used my staple gun and in less a few minutes it was up..I made it a little lose so there was more slop ,that way the mags were not pulled tight and always click together and yes we just push thru it and it does close..The biggest problem is that hubby is tall and it pulls at the top making it a squeeze to go thru..He has to kind of dive thru it but does agree it’s better than all the fly’s.. The dogs don’t know what to make of it , the jury is still out on that for them ….

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