Doctors Warn Flu Season Not Over Yet

flu updateMEDFORD, Ore. — The number of people ending up in the hospital with the flu is going down across Oregon, but doctors warn that those numbers could jump up again before this flu season is over.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, the number of flu hospitalizations across the state this week dropped significantly from 115 to 52. Southern Oregon hospitals are also seeing a similar trend: At Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass, doctors found nine positive flu cases last week, which was down from 27 the week before, and 35 in the first full week in January. Local urgent care clinics, like Valley Immediate Care in Medford, are also seeing a decrease in flu patients.

But doctors warn that the worst may not be over, and if people don’t practice healthy habits, it could spread again.

“We worry about getting a second uptick,” said Dr. Mona McArdle. “Because that can certainly happen when people go back into the workplace and then to schools and can get that second round.”

The Jackson and Josephine county public health departments are still giving out flu vaccines, and the shot is also available at local pharmacies.

Doctors say one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the flu is to stay home and rest if you have symptoms. Then, wait a full 24 hours after your fever disappears before going back to work or school.