Doctors Provide Care to Former Homeless

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Men’s Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass has a program where residents get free medical treatment.

A team of six doctors help treat anything from hernia’s to foot problems. Brad Payne is a patient who recently had a cyst removed from his back.

He ended up at the mission after medical bills piled up from a lung surgery and he couldn’t find enough work. Brad had a cyst on his back for 29 years. Now that it’s removed, he says he has more confidence to move forward in his life.

“I’m just so grateful for it. It’s changed my life,” said Brad. “It’s just so much more, so much more comfortable. It was quite large. It was a size of a tennis ball.”

The Gospel Rescue Mission estimates hundreds and thousands of dollars have been saved through this program because of reduced ER visits. The United Consumer Advocacy Network also works with the mission.

U-Can has helped the organization set up a fund to pay for antibiotics or blood pressure medicine.

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