Divorce Rate Puts Medford On The Map

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Displays at bridal shops greet window shoppers in downtown Medford.  A new report suggests couples in Medford are more likely to split after tying the knot than in other cities in the country.

Marriage counselors said, in the Rogue Valley, it’s common to see couples who marry young, shortly after high school, have problems just a few years later.

“When you don’t really know what you want, you haven’t really seen anybody that’s had a good marriage, it’s pretty hard to hang in there and know what to do,” said marriage and family therapist Barbara Massey

The new report ranks Medford fourth in the country for divorces with a 15% divorced population.

Marriage therapists think changing climates can lead to depression and possibly causing problems in marriages.

“So here we are going right into a season where we have all the fog coming in and that really increases marriage problems when people don’t feel as good or happy,” said Massey.

Divorce attorneys said they have a steady flow of clients, with no particular peak time of year.

“I would say on average, I probably meet with two to three clients a week that have issues with disillusion or custody,” said attorney Cam Howry

Howry said he sees no patterns of any kind and people of all ages and walks of life come through the door.

One trend he is seeing more and more is for closures becoming a factor.

“And it’s not only an issue from the stand point of  there’s no equity in the home, and we’ve got to divide up extra debt, but  it’s also an issues in the  sense that one or the other spouse is usually going  to have to take on the responsibility of what to do  with the home,” said Howry.


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  1. Unfortunate says:

    An unfortunate trend; equally unfortunate is the disilusion of actually using dissolution. ;)

  2. Susan Scroggins says:

    Yeah..never mind that about 70% or more of the population in S. Oregon is high on drugs when they make their decisions. Whether it is from the doctor or not. Also, S. Oregon is one of the leading poverty laden areas which breeds addictions and abuse, hence divorce. It is also one of the leading child sex abuse areas. But yeah…let’s blame it on the changing seasons, not on the human faults and societal poverty behavior. ROFL! @ the nonsense in this article.

    1. Happily Single says:

      Totally agree, Susan! When people have never seen what a ‘good’ marriage looks like, they don’t know how to keep one together. Many generations are coming into play here, from before the Victorians thinking of women as property, thorough the 1950s freakishly oppressive societal behavior, to the1980-90s designer drugs becoming popular and no one ever realizing that NOT EVERYONE needs to be or should even be married. There is really no reason to be tied to any one person forever – the world is too big and there is to much to be experienced. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

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