District Prepares for Potential Strike

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford School Board met for an executive session Monday night while members of the Medford Education Association and other community supporters lined the sidewalk in support of the teachers.

The mandatory ten day notice of a strike has been given to the district and should an agreement not be reached by February 6th at 6 a.m. the teachers will go on strike. Sunday, Superintendent Phil Long sent out more than 10,000 e-mails and 11,000 phone calls to parents and guardians of students. Long said resolving the contract dispute before the 6th is the number one goal, but the district is also preparing for the possibility of a strike.

The district said school will continue should a strike occur, and parents should sign up for notifications to make sure they have the most up to date information.

“If we’re not able to resolve the contract, which is still our primary goal, then we will be communicating about what’s going to happen with school and how we’re going to schedule or re-schedule or adjust things. That’s why it’s important to have really good contact information,” said Superintendent Phil Long.

School buses will be running and meals will continue to be served as well, and Long said each day of instruction will continue to be valuable. Both sides will meet Tuesday and negotiations will continue with the strike deadline looming.


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  1. Bill says:

    These teachers should be happy they have a job. Also, they should not get a raise until Medford, Eagle Point get their students to be above the national test score average.

  2. Steelheader says:

    Bill I agree with you. Problem is the public sector is not results oriented. If you do a poor job in the private sector, you get fired. If you do a poor job in the public sector, you get promoted.

  3. Jared Twedell says:

    So, the median income in district 549c is $45,518. School is roughly 9 Mos. Out of a calender year, so that scribbles out to about $5000.00 a month.

    now you could argue that a teacher’s job isnt 9-5 but isnt that the case for 90% of employed people? They made a choice to become educators because they wanted to make a difference…. however, as with all union jobs (I have one) more money becomes always becomes the priority. It’s the mindset. I watched a local union get crushed, and employees lose their jobs because the got greedy in a bad economy. It’s the same with the school district… they do a sub par job of teaching in most instances, blame it on piss poor parenting, and then stick their hand out for more money. Meanwhile, the already poorly educated students pay the price.

    I have news for you…. do your job. Appreciate the fact you have a job in a county boasting a 9.1% unemployment rate, and you make a couple thousand more in 9 mos. Than the average median resident makes in 12.

    You dissapoint me.

  4. Lucy says:

    Jared, using your figure of $45,518, split over 12 MONTHS which is what they do, is $3,800 BEFORE taxes, etc. 90% of employed people don’t work 8-4, come home and have dinner and then work a couple more hours, plus work on weekends. Then they are constantly trying to reinvent themselves to keep your kids entertained and interested. They are “on” from 8-4 5 days a week. You really should walk a week in a teacher’s shoes…I don’t think you could do it. In the end, you have really no idea what you are talking about. You are basically regurgitating the district talking points so “I have news for you…” do some research. I think you would change your tune.

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