District Adjusts After Test Results

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — After getting some not-so-good test results, a local school district is refining policies.

The Oregon Department of Education just released numbers showing how many students are meeting standards statewide. Compared to the state average, the Eagle Point School District comes in a little short in math and reading, so school officials are refining their policies.

On Friday, teachers screened students as a part of the district’s policy for math and reading and, more specifically, Hillside Elementary School officials are asking parents to keep kids in class in the mornings.

This year, teachers are starting off the day with those two subjects, so students are focusing first thing. At White City Elementary, third grade teacher Allison Chenoweth says she wants to stay informed by looking at testing data, but looks at the child as a whole.

“I am not just focusing on tests as a teacher I’m focusing on building their character and encouraging them to improve themselves as people,” said Chenoweth.

Another change in policy for the district is to have teachers get together after testing. Teachers can exchange ideas during what the district calls professional learning community meetings.

School officials say this year will be one of the first they see results from the state on growth. Not just if the kids passed the tests or met a standard. The state will actually give a report card to schools to look at how each student improved from start of grade to finish and we can look for those growth numbers in October.