District 9 Leaders Do Not Sign Contract

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — There were two main items on the agenda for the Eagle Point School District Board at their meeting Wednesday night.

The first was whether to approve the new employee contract decided on last month, that ended the week-long strike. The other issue was what to do about a fellow board member, accused of joining those teachers in the strike.

District 9 officials unanimously approved the new employee contract last night, but then district leaders refused to sign it. A board member told NewsWatch 12 he was shocked when district leaders did not sign the contract.

Dave Carrell, the acting president of the EPEA, says the district did not agree with some of the language. It is unclear at this time what changes the district wants and when or if they will sign the temporary agreement.

The board then turned to the issue of Mark Bateman, the fellow board member who is accused of joining striking teachers last month. Bateman says he never joined them, he just talked with them and that there is no policy that says you cannot talk with strike members. He feels he is being singled out.

“Employees had an open forum, and there was two other board members that attended that. And so their names were not on this censorship, ” Bateman says.

Wednesday night, the board voted three to two to only reprimand Bateman. The Eagle Point Education Association issued a statement claiming teachers are also getting transferred or terminated for talking to picketers. The district denies reprimanding employees and says adjustments are made to staff due to class sizes.