Dispensary Sales Tax Paying Dividends

7-14 breeze botanicalsGOLD HILL, Ore. – In its first three weeks of business, Gold Hill’s only medical marijuana dispensary has generated $1,800 dollars for the city’s public safety fund.

Those numbers, reported to the city last week, are thanks to a 5% sales tax on marijuana voted in by the City Council.

Brie Malarkey, owner of dispensary Breeze Botanicals, says she has been amazed by the number of patients that have come through the door.

But she also says, while she’s happy to contribute to the city’s public safety, she feels the tax is an unfair burden on patients.

“We’re not talking about recreational, we’re talking about medical marijuana,” said Malarkey. “It’s a very limited amount of people, that I have witnessed have debilitating conditions.”

Malarkey says about half her patients support paying the tax, while others feel it’s unfair.

Ashland recently approved a sales tax of up to 5% on medical marijuana, although there are currently no state-approved dispensaries in the city.

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  1. MedicineWoman says:

    As soon as your city starts taxing chemotherapy, radiation, antibiotics, pain pills and the like… you are then in a position to tax an herb that gets people well. Until that time, I think you are opening a can of worms that will end up in a huge payout for unfair taxation!!!

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