Dispensary Plans to Open in Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — One Medford area business is attempting to operate under the grey area of legalization concerning medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon and open its doors.

Patients Helping Patients, LLC has been operating as a location for OMMP patients to hang out, but now it hopes to one day serve them.

A symbolic ribbon cutting ceremony marked the first day applications were being accepted for medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Oregon.

“We need it,” said Wes Robertson, a patient of the newly opened dispensary. “I’m glad that it’s happened. It’s been a long time.”

Patients Helping Patients submitted an application for a business license for the city of Medford last week, and on Monday the online application was submitted to the state’s website. The business now waits for the needed approval to sell medical marijuana to current OMMP cardholders.

Phil Garvalho, the partner of Patients Helping Patients, said they plan to abide by the law. “We intend to comply with all the laws regarding the dispensing of medical marijuana, and we will fight for patients rights to use medical marijuana.”

A current city ordinance prohibits any business from participating in illegal activity. Marijuana dispensaries are illegal on the federal level, but the dispensary plans to move forward with the state’s approval. City councilors said they will likely deny Patients Helping Patients’ business license because of the city ordinance.

Patients Helping Patients attorney said he plans on challenging the city once the business receives the state’s approval. Medford Police Chief Tim George said if a business operates without a business license, the owners could face a $250 ticket per day.