Dispensary Meeting in Josephine County

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Thursday night, Josephine County officials are discussing with the public about marijuana dispensaries in the area. Officials say they want to hear a variety of viewpoints before they make any final decisions about the fate of dispensaries in the county.

The discussion is being held at Anne Basker Auditorium. The meeting was called by Commissioner Simon Hare to get public input about dispensaries in Josephine County. The discussion will also include statements from law enforcement, health officials, and city officials as well.

Since the Senate Bill 1531 passed allowing medical dispensaries to operate in the state, many cities have taken stands on whether they would allow them. Some cities like Ashland has already issued business licenses to dispensaries. Other cities in the valley have either banned dispensaries all together, or have issued moratoriums.

In Josephine County’s largest city, officials say they are open to the idea, just not under their jurisdiction.

“I am very concerned and so is the city council of having a dispensary in Downtown Grants Pass. So, in the end, I hope that we are able to place some in the county but not in the city,” said Grants Pass Mayor Darin Fowler.

The Grants Pass City Council has already said they will not issue licenses to dispensaries.