Discovery Channel’s New Show In Oregon

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters is just one part of a show airing on a major cable channel starting this week that will highlight Southern Oregon and Northern California’s so-called War On Cannabis.

The Discovery Channel will air the 6-parts series called “Weed Country”, starting this Wednesday. The series depicts raids on marijuana grows led by Jackson, Josephine, and Siskiyou County law enforcement.

The show, which features some of the area’s heads of law enforcement, advertises graphic raids on marijuana farms. Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey, who participated in the series, says that the show presents a balanced viewpoint on a problem that has caused harm both to locals and the surrounding environment. Some supporters of medical marijuana, however, are concerned that it will send the wrong message.

The 6-part series “Weed Country” begins this Wednesday on Discovery Channel. Lopey says that he feels confident the show will be well received. Despite the fact that the show hasn’t yet premiered, talks are already underway for the show to return to Southern Oregon for a second season. That, of course, depends on the success of its premier and the first season.


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  1. JVC says:

    It seems to me that this show, by paying the local law enforcement, will encourage future raids on marijuana growers. From my perspective law enforcement does not do a very good job of discerning legitimate, legal growers from those who blatently grow in violation of the state law. When they raid a legitimate grow they should be subject to at least civil penalties like lawsuits.

    1. Dean says:

      I know a lot of growers and every one of them is in violation. They never grow for personal use only. They almost always grow to much. They are all selling. Leave it to pot heads to screw it up. Should have never been legalized in the first place and this kind of attention will , hopefully , make it illegal once again. There is so much pot in this area that it makes into the hands of children who can look forward to a lifetime of addiction. Ridiculous and embarrassing.

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