Discovery Channel Filming Show In Siskiyou County

By Bryan Navarro

YREKA, Calif. — Marijuana is taking center stage in Siskiyou County, as the sheriff’s department is preparing for a national TV spot.

The discovery channel is moving in later this week, to start production on a show on policing pot grows. Siskiyou County officials say that the main reason they agreed to the television show is to put a spotlight on the multiple problems posed by large-scale marijuana grows.

“The Discovery Channel is here to essentially cover our operations, and film what we do,” says Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey.

Sheriff Jon Lopey says the film crew will be in town sometime this week, and they’re staying for a few months, shooting enough video for six, one-hour episodes.

“So, the priority will be filming the men and women who are actually doing the job, taking the risks, and getting the job done,” Sheriff Lopey says.

Getting the job done is what directed discovery to Siskiyou County. The multi-agency team says it’s uprooted more than one million plants since 2009.

“They’re virtually everywhere. Wherever there are major highways, you probably have drug trafficking going on,” states Sheriff Lopey.

Siskiyou County will be using the TV show as a platform, hoping to broadcast several messages to the nationwide audience.

“We’re overwhelmed especially with drug cartels from Mexico, some of these cartel members are armed, some of them are very dangerous people,” Sheriff Lopey says. “We are hard pressed to do the job with the funding and personnel that we currently have.”

Sheriff Lopey also says that he’s been told that the earliest that the show will start airing is late fall, or early winter.