Dinosaurs Roar at The Expo

10-18 DinosaursCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — There’s more than a few creatures roaring to life at the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

Animatronic dinosaurs are covering the grounds at the expo this weekend. And some of the replicas are hard not to be afraid of.

“Some of them are really loud and they’re pretty realistic looking,” said Event Organizer Danielle Arnold. “They breathe and their eyes blink and their mouths move, so it’s pretty cool.”

The tour takes visitors through the dinosaur life cycle from birth to extinction. Signs lining the path explain the time periods of each reptile and their diets. There are also interactive displays that are education oriented.

“We also have fossil digs so the kids can brush off and learn about how they discovered all the dinosaurs, but it’s also fun,” Arnold said.

The owners say some of the replicas are designed straight from fossil records.

“These two were found fighting that way in china, the actual fossils. And so we had that one made. Some people like paleontologists actually recognize it,” the owner’s son explained.

The Expo manager says there’s been a lot of interest from people in and outside the Rogue Valley.

Preparation has been going on all day, but the organizers say they’ll be ready to let visitors ride the T-Rex on Saturday.