Detectives Working to Keep Sauer in Jail

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Detectives are working on several other cases against the man whose alleged crime spree started this summer.

A grand jury indicted 38 year-old Jayson Sauer on 20 counts. On Thursday, he was arraigned on charges ranging from burglary to criminal mischief. Grants Pass Department of Public Safety detectives say he committed those crimes in commercial buildings like the Grange Co-Op, Armadillo Mining Company and automotive stores.

Currently, investigators are working on additional charges against him. They say there’s more cases which involve burglaries in homes which carry higher consequences or possibly more jail time. But detectives are concerned because Sauer could be released.  A recent federal timber payment extension came through but there’s still not enough jail space.

“I don’t know where he would fall on the scale. I hope he would stay in there. However, someone with more serious charges, aggravated assault or what not, they would keep them in typically over someone who’s committed property type crimes,” said Sergeant Dan Evans, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety.

Sauer was arrested on October 12th. Investigators tracked him down to the 1900 block of Fruitdale Drive. He tried to escape, running through an irrigation ditch but police caught up with him and made the arrest.

Detectives are still working through all of the stolen items they’ve retrieved so far and are hoping to get those items back to the original owners.

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  1. Ralph Carino says:

    I ilike to congradulate our law enforcement agencies here in Josephine Co. for the great job they are doing in controlling crime and apprehending criminals in our community. Inspite of the lack of funds and other “obstacles”, like our soft on crime liberal judges,legislators, and governor, the men and women of law enforcement do their job valiantly. I am proud of them and everyone else should be too. Keep up the good work.

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