Destructive Bug Found in Southern Oregon

By Sharon Ko

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — A stink bug destroying crops in the eastern part of the United States may have found a new home in Southern Oregon.

The brown marmorated stink bug eats just about anything with roots. Entomologists say it attacks fruit crops flowers and trees. This bug is already destroying crops in the east and with plenty of pear trees in Southern Oregon this stink bug could potentially become a problem.

An entomologist from the OSU Extension Service in Corvallis made his way around the Phoenix area. A map shows where he traveled with the blue pin marking where he found one.

Researchers are looking at natural ways to manage the bugs. A spokesman says other animals do not find the bugs appetizing but some parasitic wasps do. The OSU Extension Service is planning to bring in those natural predators from Asia where the stink bugs originated.

If you happen to see a stink bug while outside, the OSU Extension Service encourages you to bring them into their office.